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The Kent and Medway
Business Fund is now open

About Small Business Boost

If you’re a business located in Kent and Medway in the early stages of growth and are looking to create jobs, then a 0% interest loan from Small Business Boost could provide the financial support to help achieve your goals.

Small Business Boost is part of the Kent and Medway Business Fund, managed by Kent County Council. It seeks to support those businesses that can power the region’s economy.

Please download and read our KMBF SBB Guidance for Applicants before applying

Download SBB Guidance

Small Business Boost provides financial support of between £26,000 and £99,000 to small and medium sized businesses, repayable over a period of five years following a six-month repayment holiday.

The first stage of the process is the pre-application form. This document seeks to collect information so that we can advise you on the eligibility of your organisation and investment proposal. 

It will tell us whether your investment proposal meets the objectives of the scheme allowing a decision to be reached on whether its passes the threshold to move to the next stage of the process.

Please download and read our KMBF SBB Guidance for Applicants before applying.

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What applicants need to show

When applying for a Small Business Boost loan there are some things that we will expect to see:

  • Realistic ambitions for growth
  • Job creation
  • A robust business plan
  • Proof the loan will help

We want to see evidence your business can adapt, embrace innovation and develop capacity.

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Your questions answered

Learn more about the financial support available through the Kent and Medway Business Fund (Standard and Small Business Boost).  We have produced a series of responses to frequently asked questions that should answer many of the questions you may have when considering whether to apply. 

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